You're invited to a Virtual Wine Tasting on May 18th at 5:00PM to 6:00PM EST

How to Build the Fastest eCommerce Stack.

Learn how to build the fastest eCommerce stack
Join commercetools, Bolt, Layer0, and Sharper Image on May 18th for a virtual wine tasting. Learn how to build the fastest eCommerce stack while sipping on delicious California wines - all of the wines will be shipped to your house beforehand.
What we will cover

The inherent speed challenges of modern eCommerce websites and how to solve them - We explain why complex, database-driven websites see little speed improvement from traditional CDNs or optimization tactics.

The key components of a fast eCommerce stack - We take a look under the hood of the fastest eCommerce sites and break down the elements of the fastest eCommerce stack, including eCommerce backend, frontend deployment platform, and checkout.

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Our Speakers

Ajay Kapur
Founder & CEO

Layer0 makes the Web instant and simple. Layer0 is an all-in-one platform to develop, deploy, preview, experiment on, monitor, and run your frontend.

Kelly Goetsch
Chief Product Officer

Commercetools is a next-generation software company that offers a true cloud-native, headless commerce platform that provides the building blocks for the new digital commerce age.

Greg Greiner
VP Product

Bolt is the world’s first checkout experience platform. Bolt solves the complicated technological challenges involved in checkout, fraud detection, and digital wallets.

Mihaela Mazzenga

Sharper Image is an American brand that offers consumers home electronics, air purifiers, gifts, and other high-tech lifestyle products through its website, catalog, and third-party retailers.