Layer0 Trademark Terms & Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to the use of all Layer0 Marks licensed pursuant to the Terms:

Layer0, the Layer0 logo, and the Layer0 icon are registered trademarks or trademarks of Layer0 Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

You must use the appropriate legend for the Mark: ® for registered trademarks, TM for unregistered trademarks, and SM for unregistered service marks.

You shall not use any Layer0 Mark to disparage Layer0, its products or services, or in a manner which, in Layer0 reasonable judgment, may diminish or damage its goodwill in the Mark or imply endorsement by Layer0. You agree to cease all such uses upon written notification by Layer0. You agree not to take any action which might lead a third party to think Layer0’s Mark is owned by you, or which might adversely impact Layer0’s reputation. You shall at all times use the Layer0 Marks in a manner consistent with trademark laws.

You shall notify Layer0 immediately of any improper, infringing, confusing or unauthorized use of Layer0’s Marks of which you become aware.

You shall not alter the appearance of any Layer0 Mark or obscure such Mark in any way. Changing the color, font, or proportions of any Layer0 Mark is prohibited.

Questions concerning proper use of the Marks shall be directed to

Use of the Layer0 name

When referring to our company, the full name is Layer0 Corporation. When referring to our services, the Layer0 name should be written as one word and used as an adjective followed by the name of our product or description of our services in a form similar to the following examples:

• Layer0

• Layer0 serverless platform

Use of the Layer0 logo

You can download our logo and icon on this page, and use them in accordance with the following guidelines  

  1. The logo or icon must stand alone  You must maintain a minimum amount of space between the Layer0 logo or icon and other graphic or textual elements. To preserve the integrity and clarity of the logo, a standard area of “clear space” should be maintained around the logo in all uses. The minimum clear space is defined as “0.5x” where “x” is measured by the width of the type stroke of the letter “L” in the logo / the width of the icon.
  2. Do not distort the logo or icon
  3. Do not modify our logo or icon (colors, proportions, rotation, etc.)
  4. Do not add background colors to our logo or icon
  5. Do not overlay images or text on top of our logo
  6. Do not add words, characters,  or visual effect to our logo or icon
  7. Do t rotate our logo or icon
  8. Don’t incorporate the Layer0 trademarks into your own product name, service names, trademarks, logos, company names, domain names, website title, publication title, application icon, favicon, or the like.
  9. Do use our default logo and icon on a white background and the inverted logo or icon on a black background

Logo variations

Default logo

Inverted logo for black backgrounds

Default icon

Inverted icon for back backgrounds

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