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Run, Monitor, & Experiment
Edge powered prefetching
Deliver instant speeds thanks to edge data streraming that stays just ahead of the user
Easier CDN management by using your application's JavaScript code
Edge Experiments
Performant A/B testing, feature flags, and canary deploys
Serverless JavaScript
Integrated backend for the front-end with zero devops and unlimited scale
Performance Monitor
Detailed cache hit rate monitoring to optimize performance
Custom Domains
Bring your own domain name(s)
Separate environments for production, staging, and development.
Global Edge Locations
Globally distributed edge points of presence
Bandwidth (including prefetching)
Normal traffic accelerated through our high speed Layer0 network and prefetched data from the edge that delivers instant speed
Serverless Runtime
Aggregate monthly CPU time for Serverless JavaScript
100 hours/mo
Faster and more efficient networking than HTTP/1
Image Optimization
Adapt and convert images to the optimal size and format for each device
Geographic Failover
Multi-region redundancy ensuring maximum uptime and reliability
Latency Based Routing
Optimal traffic routing that minimizes latency between Layer0 nodes, your servers, and users
Log Shipping
JSON-formatted logs - details here
Customized Serverless
Flexible time limits, memory sizes, and guaranteed concurrency SLA
Guaranteed Throughput
Requests per second SLA to handle bursty traffic
Uptime SLA
Ensured platform stability
Develop, Deploy, Preview
Team Members
Number of team members in Layer0 Console
Streaming Debugging Logs
Streaming console, warning, and error logs from Serverless JavaScript
Branch Previews
Preview any branch of your code
Preview any previous deployment
Atomic Deployments
Full stack deploys: browser, server, and edge
1-Click Rollbacks
Easily roll back to any previous deployment
Cache Purge by API
Automate your cache management for optimal site speed
Cache Tagging
Cache clear pages, products, or APIs only when they change in your backend or CMS
DDoS Protection Layers 3 and 4
Automatic basic protection from attacks
Layer 7 DDoS and WAF with OWASP Ruleset
Web application firewall and Layer 7 denial of service protection
Additional Fee
Origin Cloaking
Hide your server from attacks
PCI Level 1 DSS
PCI Level 1 DSS Certified cloud vendor
Custom Security Audit
Secure by default system that has passed numerous enterprise security audits
Support Channels
Community Forum
Phone, Slack, Email
24/7 Support Hotline
Incident Response SLA
Negotiated contract

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