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Who's really mobile optimized?

Out of the top 100,000 sites on the web, 64% are mobile-friendly, with the number skewing higher - up to 87% - when we looked at just the top 1,000 sites.

Naseem Makiya is a Data Engineer at Moovweb. He works on market research and financial planning and analysis to better understand the mobile landscape.

It's one thing to deliver mobile, it's another thing to deliver mobile well.

In the first State of the Mobile Web post we looked at the top 100,000 sites on the web to see just how many were delivering to mobile. Overall, 64% were mobile-friendly, with the number skewing higher - up to 87% - when we looked at just the top 1,000 sites.

Taking it a step deeper, we wanted to dig into the 64% and see how it was delivering to mobile. After all, having a mobile site is a start, and but it takes so much more to deliver mobile optimized experiences.

What we were looking for was how many sites went beyond the bare minimum. It isn't enough to simply have a mobile layout so visitors don't need to pinch and zoom.

This meant comparing the performance of the desktop and mobile experiences. So when we crawled both, we compared the number and size of page assets to see if anything was done to boost mobile performance.

Everyone knows the importance of page load on mobile, and optimizing by delivering smaller image files and only the JavaScript files necessary for mobile can go a long way in cutting down load time and delivering a better mobile experience.

But we also looked to see if the sites were adding mobile-specific features - things like a tap-to-call button that showed the site had made an effort to craft an experience that fit the device the visitor was using.

The results show that the web still has a long way to go to deliver mobile optimized experiences.

What we saw was that most sites were only addressing the UI aspect of mobile. 47% either had a mobile site, or were using responsive CSS to style the site in a mobile layout, but that was where it ended.

Only 17% were going further, actively making performance or feature improvements to create an optimized mobile experience.

This is a huge problem when an ever increasing amount of web traffic is coming from mobile devices. We are quickly approaching the point where more people are experiencing the web on their phones and tablets, and as you can see, those experiences aren't really optimized for those devices.

We'll wrap up this look at the State of the Mobile Web with an upcoming post where we look at how different types of sites - like government organizations, online retailers, and media & entertainment - are delivering to mobile.

by Naseem Makiya

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