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We have updated the developer console to help you be more productive and visualize more valuable insights on the performance of your website. Check them out, along with other helpful resources, below.


Get real time Core Web Vitals and RUM Analytics

Get real time Core Web Vitals and RUM Analytics

As of June 2021, Google will begin ranking websites based on a set of performance metrics called Core Web Vitals. This change effectively makes site performance an SEO ranking factor. With Layer0's Real-Time Core Web Vitals and RUM Analytics, you'll be able to understand the impact of your changes in minutes, instead of waiting days or weeks in Google Search Console or Page Speed Insights. Installation is just a script tag and provides LCP, FID, and CLS by route. You'll also be able to use Layer0's Edge based split testing to A/B test the impact of performance optimizations on Core Web Vitals. View our documentation here.

Overview Tab

Overview Tab

On Layer0, you can control routing and caching from your code base rather than a CDN web portal. This way you're able to properly test, review, and version control your logic just like the rest of your application code. To make it easier to understand your routing, cache hit rates, or generally know how your website is doing, we've included an Overview tab inside the console, which presents all the information you need in an easy to use interface.

Prefetch Metrics

Prefetch Metrics

Research shows that faster load times result in higher conversion rates and better user experiences. Take advantage of the performance benefits of prefetching pages and API calls that they are likely to need on Layer0. The platform also provides you with prefetching analytics, such as prefetch requests and hits, giving you much needed insight into how to improve your website’s performance overtime. Learn more about Layer0 prefetching here.


Introducing Layer0 Tutorials

Layer0 now provides interactive YouTube tutorial videos making it easier than ever to setup & implement exciting XDN features in your application.

Layer0 Tutorials

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Interested in gearing up for Google's May Algorithm update?

We have a newsletter specifically for web performance, SEO, and user-experience through the lens of Core Web Vitals, as we countdown to Google's May 2021 algorithm update.

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Forums provide you a great way to share your questions, or find resolution for any issues you’re facing. Some topics include Layer0 alternatives, common errors, framework-specific questions, site speed optimization tactics, etc. Responses usually come back in 1 business day.

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Podcast: The Future of Nuxt.js

Tune in for the first episode of JavaScript Jam, a podcast for frontend and full-stack developers. In this episode, Sébastien Chopin, creator and CTO of Nuxt.js, shares the details behind his framework including Nuxt.js serverless support, static site generation, and upcoming Nuxt 3's features.

Blog: Jamstack for eCommerce at Scale

In this article, we cover the key challenges in building large-scale eCommerce Jamstack sites and how the Moovweb XDN can help you tackle these problems.

Webinar: How to Prepare your Site for Google's Algorithm Update

This May, Google will begin ranking websites based on their Core Web Vital scores. Join this webinar to learn how to prepare for this algorithm update.

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