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2020 Travel, Hospitality, and Tourism Website Speed Benchmarks

Layer0 analyzed real-user data from Google’s Chrome User Experience Report to provide travel and hospitality website speed benchmarks. Six Flags is the fastest of the pack with an impressive 71.86% of its pages loading in under a second, on mobile.

If you’re running a revenue-generating website, you understand the importance of getting website visitors through the booking processes as fast as possible. In order to achieve this, you must invest in website speed. But that’s easier said than done, especially if you have dozens of tags, scripts, and trackers slowing down your page loads (like most eCommerce websites do).

Website speed doesn’t just  affect your website’s entire digital strategy, it’s also what consumers demand. It’s time to deliver what your customers crave: instant eCommerce websites.

Travel and tech

The travel, hospitality, and tourism industry, in particular, has found enormous value in investing in website speed. Just last year in the U.S. alone, domestic and international travelers spent nearly $1.1 trillion on travel and hospitality. The main segments driving growth are Millennials, followed by Generation Z. Both generations expect fast, engaging experiences, and will leave your websites for your competitor’s if you do not deliver.

Millennials are spending the most money and time on travel. One out of three are willing to spend $5000 or more per vacation, and with an average of 35 taken vacation days, you know they’re taking more than one vacation a year. Millennials might be driving the growth within the travel industry, but Gen Z, the first generation to be born into a smartphone world, is following suit.

Smartphones are impacting the travel industries in many ways. These days, 61% of consumers book flights, accommodations, and experiences on their mobile devices. And with 70% of consumers stating that site speed impacts their willingness to buy, it’s imperative the industry invests in providing consumers with the fastest, most efficient customer journey from landing through checkout.

Instant is the new standard for eCommerce websites. That’s why we at Layer0 sweats the small stuff, like milliseconds, and appreciate those who invest in website speed to provide consumers with the speedy experiences they deserve.

Website speed benchmarks for travel websites in 2020

We analyzed real-user data from Google’s Chrome User Experience (CrUX) Report to provide site speed benchmarks. In our last installment, we covered the leaders and losers in apparel, shoes, and accessories. This installment, we’ll showcase the 20 fastest and slowest loading travel, tourism, and hospitality websites for American mobile shoppers.

According to CrUX data, 3,424 travel, hospitality, and tourism websites were visited by American mobile shoppers in July of 2019. The distribution of site speed was varied, with the fastest website seeing 71.86% of its pages loading in under a second, and the slowest websites having less than one percent of their pages loading in under a second.

Within the leading 20 websites for speed, the shares of sub-second pages are much closer, indicating a more competitive sub-set at the top of the list. The average share of sub-second pages for the top 20 sites stands at 51.68%, with a standard deviation of 8.36%.

Here are the 20 fastest travel, hospitality, and tourism websites:

Website % of sub-second pages 71.86% 64.49% 62.20% 58.16% 57.23% 56.57% 56.50% 54.91% 53.68% 50.11% 49.67% 48.73% 47.44% 46.41% 44.82% 44.46% 43.42 42.20% 40.55% 40.15%

Six Flags is the fastest of the pack with an impressive 71.86% of its pages loading in under a second, on mobile. The site receives over 6M monthly visitors, ranking them as the fifth most visited website in the category. Interestingly amusement parks account for one quarter of the top 20 list.

Cedar Fair may not have the fastest website, but the entertainment company owns and operates twelve amusement parks. Four of them made the list —,,, — with more than half of their pages loading in less than a second for mobile shoppers.

Cloud 9 Living, CheapOair, and Broadway are a couple other noteworthy brands who are using modern frontend built for speed, such as eCommerce progressive web apps, single page applications, and accelerated mobile pages. These sites are seeing the majority of their pages load in under a second on mobile.

Big names lose with slow sites

Some of the most advertised names out there are not delivering the website speeds that you’d expect. For example, Royal Caribbean, Princess Cruises, and all have less than 15% of their website pages loading in under a second. And although Expedia,, and Zipcar load between 20-25% of their pages at sub-second levels, this is just half of what the slowest sites on the top 20 count are doing.

The biggest travel names are overlooking one of the best investments a company can make today: delivering instant loading websites.

Here are 20 known domains that have fallen short:

Website % of sub-second pages 12.9% 12.0% 11.8% 11.6% 10.0% 8.0% 7.4% 6.1% 5.9% 5.3% 4.5% 4.3% 3.8% 3.1% 2.2% 1.9% 1.2 0.9% 0.9% 0.9%

Bottom line:

Consumers expect fast websites. Strike that, they expect instant websites. Native apps along with LTE and broadband connections have set the stage for these website speed expectations, and with today’s modern technologies, the bar is raised even higher — to instant. And with that, eCommerce progressive web apps, single page applications, and accelerated mobile pages are becoming increasingly more common.

Those who are not investing in website speed, especially on mobile, are losing potential customers to their competitors who do deliver instant websites. Don’t fret, Layer0 has your back — we want you to win visibility, reach, revenue, and customer satisfaction with a sub-second website.

Achieving sub-second speeds is challenging, and not all teams can do it themselves. It’s a complex problem that is rooted into the browser, edge, and the server. And as such, requires a full stack solution, which is precisely why we built the first and only full stack solution for website speed.

Layer0 utilizes open, portable frontends, CDN-as-Code, and a Node.js backend for frontend to deliver complex eCommerce websites 320ms median page loads (LCP). Industry leaders such as 1-800-Flowers,, and Pep Boys, are already enjoying amazing speeds on Layer0, not to mention the competitive advantages that comes with it.

Once you go instant you can’t go back.  If website speed is a priority, drop us an email at or schedule a consultative conversation to understand how Layer0 can help you pave your industry’s speed standards.

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