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Layer0 Takes Casas Bahia Mobile

Layer0's excited to have launched new mobile sites for two great Brazilian online retailers: Casas Bahia and Flores Online.

Casas Bahia

"Acho que preciso de um novo forno."

Google translate assures me that means, "I think I need a new oven." And if that's true, and you find yourself in Brazil, then Casas Bahia has you covered.

Casas Bahia specializes in furniture and home appliances, and is a part of Nova Pontocom - the second largest online retailer in Brazil.

Layer0 has previously worked with Nova Pontocom, launching a mobile site a couple years ago for Ponto Frio, one of their other ecommerce outlets. And we're all extremely honored that they came back to us when they were looking to take Casas Bahia mobile.

The team's goal was deliver all the Casas Bahia desktop site had to offer in a distinctly mobile experience, whether visitors were on a smartphone or a tablet.

Flores Online

Flores Online is a premier, online floral retailer, and has been an ecommerce pioneer in Brazil. Starting with just a single florist, Flores Online has built themselves up, and today has operations all throughout Brazil.

But Flores Online doesn't just carry flowers, chocolates, and candies. They've got a variety of incredible gift ideas, like this Cooler & Cervejas package for the beer lover in your life. Because a dozen daffodils and a teddy bear is a wonderful gift, but a variety of cold beers, that, my friends, is love.

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