How Layer0 Builds and Scales a Culture of Excellence

eCommerce is a world wide industry, and Layer0’s talent spans across 3 continents, 5 countries, 7 states, and we hosted our recent onsite in our San Francisco HQ.

In this day of globalization and a thriving “gig economy” the door has been opened for global talent. The days of startups focusing on Silicon Valley based talent alone are over, and Layer0 is just one example. Sketch, InVision, Zapier, Clevertech and many others have already succeeded in building and scaling completely remote workforces.

Layer0 seeks exceptional talent and has scaled a distributed team that spans across three continents, five countries, seven states, and growing! We believe in delivering excellent products, and enabling customers to achieve the highest revenue growth from sub-second websites on Layer0. We do this by attracting the best talent and giving them the fastest opportunity to learn and grow.

Layer0’s co-founder and CEO, Ajay Kapur, says it best, “We want the best talent in the world no matter where they are. And when we find stars, we build local offices around them.” Today, we have offices in San Francisco, Tallinn (Estonia) and Odessa (Ukraine). Soon, we will open another US location in Chicago, IL, for our growing midwest team.

Our overall goal is to create web infrastructure that delivers instant loading websites that drive big wins in terms of visibility, reach, and revenue. But to get there, the company itself must be working towards its own ambitious goals, and we recognize that each “Moover” is at the heart of our success. We hire those who are hungry to learn, grow, and excel in areas they care about. And although our makeup spans the globe, company-wide events take place frequently so we have the opportunity to collaborate and bond, offline.

Once a quarter, our remote employees come to visit the San Francisco HQ and the ‘Moovement’ in the office is remarkable. This year, we witnessed new and seasoned employees click like AMP and PWAs with SSR — if you get our humor we want to talk to you.

Last week, we hosted our most recent onsite that doubled as a summer event. The mixer was hosted at Harmonic Brewing where we gathered for good food and great speeches.

“It was an easy decision for me and [co-founder and CTO] Ishan Anand to make: Do we hire employees based on location or talent? Of course, we want the best talent,” stated co-founder and CEO Ajay Kapur.

“We can't build an exceptional product without an exceptional team.”

We were fortunate to bring together people from Ukraine, Chile, Canada, North Carolina, Oregon, and Washington to one location where we could work hard and spend time with each other outside the office.

“The biggest win was building relationships with people we work with, but don't see often face to face. To me, that's invaluable given how distributed our team is. That gives enough impetus to everybody until the next time we see each other,” Igor Khoroshilov, Director of Engineering on the professional services team.

This August onsite gave individuals the chance to get to know and feel comfortable with the teams they are in regular contact with. It was a great opportunity to understand the focus, processes and overall strategy of the company, on top of getting to know the hobbies and interests of those they will be working with.

Layer0 is a fast-paced, tech startup that is always looking for creative, innovative minds. While the enterprise mobile commerce engages in an endless cycle of optimizing their website for speed, we make those websites instant, so no more optimization is necessary—our mission is to make commerce sites load instantly. We are smart, driven, ambitious, and fun (in quirky ways). So if you are up to the challenge, and want to do some of the best work of your life surrounded by driven individuals, check out our available positions.

We are out to change the mobile commerce experience so our customers gain big wins and their consumers can enjoy a superior customer experience. We are already trusted by the biggest and the best, including United Airlines, Pepboys, 1-800-Flowers, Harley-Davidson, Feelunique, Venus Fashion and hundreds of other brands.

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