Moving as Fast as Mobile

Only 17% of 100,000 sites provide highly optimized mobile experiences.

A few weeks ago, Layer0's CEO and Founder Ajay Kapur presented “Delivering to an Increasingly Mobile World: Moving as Fast as Your Customers” at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2014.

At the core of Ajay’s presentation is the fact that the personal computing landscape has fundamentally shifted over the last 40 years.

And in the last 5 years, this shift toward mobile has accelerated. The market share of personal computing platforms owned by Windows dropped from 90% to 24%, most of it lost to Android.

This shift is not just a blip. It is the beginning of the next generation of platforms. And it is driven by fundamental changes in human behavior.

We are all becoming more and more reliant on our mobile devices for both work and play. And we’re choosing mobile over desktop with greater frequency - even for relatively complex tasks such as managing online accounts.

Many companies are aware of the growth of mobile. But are they therefore providing their customers with optimized mobile experiences?

Layer0 analyzed 100,000 sites and found 64% of them were doing some level of mobile optimization. However, only 17% were providing highly optimized mobile experiences.

Layer0's clients, including AIG, 1800-Flowers and PG&E are among the 17% of sites delivering optimized experiences to their mobile customers. They are leveraging Layer0 to launch quickly, iterate often and provide the best mobile experiences for any device.

1800-Flowers, for example, launched in just 8 weeks and instantly doubled their mobile revenue. Their case study demonstrates even companies with existing mobile strategies can leverage Layer0 to further increase conversions.

Companies like 1800-Flowers are at the leading edge of mobile experience optimization. And the gap between these mobile leaders and the rest of the web is widening.

They are becoming increasingly successful at capturing a larger percentage of mobile traffic. And their revenue from mobile is almost twice that of sites that are only optimized for UI.

The accelerating success of mobile market leaders means that no company can afford to sit on the sidelines. As Ajay noted, “If you are not engaging with your customers while they’re on mobile today, in five years’ time, you’re not going to fundamentally understand your customers.”

by Anis Salvesen

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