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Escape this endless cycle and get your website down to 1-2 second median first paint times in as soon as one day. Layer0 Starter works with virtually every eCommerce platform or backend system, as well as any frontend—no rewrite required.

Google found that a 100ms improvement to mobile site speed boosts eCommerce website conversion rate by 8.4%. This means that a mere 100ms could literally mean millions for large revenue-generating websites! However, the average eCommerce website is stuck in an endless cycle of minor speed optimization efforts and still takes 3-5 seconds to load, on average.

Escape this endless cycle and get your website down to 1-2 second median first paint times in as little as one day with XDN Starter. XDN Starter works with virtually every eCommerce platform or backend system, as well as any frontend—no rewrite required. Implementation time can vary from a one day to a couple weeks based on your current frontend. One thing that will not vary is the speed improvements you will see. Shave full seconds of your load times without giving up any functionality, customization or analytics with XDN Starter. 

The secret sauce that lets XDN Starter get large, complex eCommerce websites with 1000s of SKUs, millions of pages and dozens of tags down to 1-2 second page loads is Layer0's CDN-as-JavaScript.

Instant happens before the tap with Layer0

CDN-as-JavaScript is an application-aware CDN (Content Delivery Network) that gives you complete control and clarity into caching and prefetching. Through the use of advanced predictive prefetching, CDN-as-JavaScripts streams data from the edge to the users’ browsers before they request it, so that your site remains 5 seconds ahead of shoppers' taps at all times. 

In some cases, your website frontend may be poorly coded and may not be utilizing the data XDN Starter puts into the browser. Contact us to assess whether your site has this limitation. If it does, we can tell you what to fix or recommend that you upgrade your frontend to Next.js, React Storefront, or another framework that more quickly renders the data that XDN brings to the browser.

How CDN-as-JavaScript differs from a traditional CDN

CDN-as-Javascript differs from a traditional CDN from its unique caching capabilities. The XDN Starter carries a state of the art, application-aware CDN that lets you maximize your cache hit ratio in a simple way.

The average eCommerce website takes 3-5 seconds to load each page, in spite of virtually all sites utilizing a traditional CDN, such as Cloudflare or Akamai.

Traditional CDNs were built to cache large, relatively static files: images and code. Delivering images and code quickly has become a commodity. Consumers are actually waiting for HTML and JSON data based on the category, product, size, style and price they are interested in. 

Unfortunately, none of the traditional CDNs on the market are successful in caching these small, frequently changing files originating from databases. You can see this, clear as day, in the average cache hit ratios traditional CDNs have for dynamic content at the edge: a low 6%. CDN-as-JavaScript, on the other hand, has a  95%+ cache hit ratio for HTML and JSON data at the edge. The easiest way to speed up your site is to speed up what consumers are waiting for—the delivery of HTML and JSON data.  

The difference between a 6% cache hit rate for JSON data and 95% is the difference between a slow site and a fast one, and a site that can utilize data prefetching to become instant and one that cannot. It could also be the difference between an industry leader and just another option. When 100ms means 8.4% lift to conversion rate, milliseconds can mean millions. Shave seconds off of your page loads and deliver a 1 second loading website in as little as 1 day on XDN Starter. 

As simple as 1, 2, 3

The XDN Starter is the easiest way to create a fast-loading website on any frontend or backend—you name it. No rewrite required. You only need to make a few minor tweaks, including installing CDN-as-JavaScript, setting edge caching rules and making sure your data is cacheable, which can take anywhere between a couple hours to a couple weeks depending on your current frontend. 

And the ease doesn’t stop there. XDN Starter gives you everything you need to run, defend, monitor, and experiment on your 1-2 second loading frontend. XDN Starter comes with WAF, DDoS protection and bot mitigation. It has the ability to perform cache key normalization, cache splitting, GraphQL caching and more. Developers can write CDN rules in JavaScript and run them locally, just like they would write their frontend. This means no more deploys to staging just to test your CDN rules. It’s that simple. A/B tests that do not slow down the site, traffic splitting at the edge, cache monitoring by route, real-user speed measurements and conversion rate alerts are also available for websites on XDN Starter. 

If you are looking to go sub-second, or simply need a more comprehensive solution, we have you covered. Layer0 is an all-in-one solution to develop, deploy, preview, experiment on, monitor, and run your frontend. It has all of the XDN Starter capabilities and many more that are focused on simplifying the development process of large database-driven websites, such as eCommerce and Travel sites. 1 click rollbacks, full-stack automated preview environments for every branch of code, server-side rendering and AMP support for portable frontends, a scalable Serverless JavaScript backend for frontend, live logs and much more are available on Layer0.  

Bottom line

The XDN Starter lets developers deliver 1-2 second median paint times for any and all websites. XDN Starter optimizes speed by focusing on speeding up what consumers are waiting for—HTML and JSON data. However, if you’re looking to take your website instant and deliver sub-500ms median paint times, you will need the full Layer0

Layer0 is an all-in-one solution to develop, deploy, preview, experiment on, monitor, and run your frontend. It is the only platform to guarantee sub-second page loads for complex, dynamic websites, such as eCommerce and Travel websites.  

Our mission is to make the Web instant and simple. Sites on the XDN deliver better experiences, iterate more often, have faster feedback loops and less DevOps. If 1-2 second page loads is simply not good enough, sign up today to test drive Layer0, or schedule a consultative conversation to speak to a site speed export to hear more about how the XDN can help you get your site instant. 

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