Layer0 Supports Builds up to 1GB Compressed

We’ve improved our ability to support large static websites, and now support builds up to 1GB compressed.


Install Node 14 and npm

While previous versions of our platform used Node 12, version 3 and higher of Layer0 only supports Node.js version 14. See steps on How to Get Started upgrading your Node version, or review the v3 Migration Guide for further details.

The upgrade to Node 14 is in keeping with industry best practices and PCI compliance. In particular for PCI compliance, if you’re on a version of Node <12 then you'll need to upgrade immediately. If you're on Node 12, then you will need to upgrade no later than April of 2022.

Upgrade to Node 14

Jamstack Identity Crisis

Can Jamstack work for more than small sites and blogs? Is it ready for large enterprise and eCommerce sites with thousands of pages? New techniques and technologies are forcing developers to reconsider what makes a site Jamstack.

Join Co-founder & CTO of Layer0 tomorrow, May 13th at noon ET for the Jamstack Identity Crisis. In this thought provoking talk, he’ll chart the evolving definition of Jamstack over the years and where it may go in the future.

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JS World Conference USA

As a follow up to the Static eCommerce Panel Discussion (Using an SSG Approach for eCommerce), Layer0 joins team members from the Google Metrics Team, Vue Storefront, Uniform, and Vercel to discuss Core Web Vitals, why certain aspects about metrics are included, and how it affects the overall perception of the results. Tune into  Part 2 of the discussion during JS World Conference USA on Friday May 21, 2021.

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Next.js 10.2 Support

The Next.js team recently released version 10.2 of their framework and we’ve added automatic support for beforeFiles, afterFiles, and fallback rewrites. While we’ve added automatic support for these, note that you can also achieve similar goals in Next.js or any other framework by using EdgeJs. See the cookbook for examples.

See the Cookbook

Large Site Support

We’ve improved our ability to support large static websites, and now support builds up to 1GB compressed. Combined with our support for serverless server side rendering, incremental static generation, and parallel static rendering, Layer0 gives developers plenty of options to create the right mix of static and dynamic rendering techniques to handle any enterprise use case.

RUM Data for Mobile Devices

We changed our Core Web Vitals analytics to default to show the RUM results for mobile devices. This makes it easier to compare the Layer0 RUM data to PageSpeed Insights and Google Search Console RUM, which also defaults to mobile data.


We’ve migrated the Layer0 packages to use esbuild under the hood for bundling instead of webpack. This should not affect the use of webpack in your project and should in fact make builds faster and less likely to have conflicts with the version of webpack you are using in your project.

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What is Layer0 DevTools

Understand what is DevTools and how it helps developers monitor their site, analyze caching and prefetching configurations, and identify issues and bottlenecks.


v3 Migration Guide

We’ve composed a document addressing the Layer0 v3 updates, including what changes automatically, what you'll need to change moving forward, and any additional information you need to know.

The Jamstack Identity Crisis

How do you bring Jamstack to sites with hundreds of thousands of pages? Can you use SSR and still be Jamstack? Join the Jamstack Identity Crisis discussion tomorrow, with CTO Ishan Anand in a hosted meetup.

A Vite Demo with Evan You

Evan You, Creator & Project Lead of Vue.js and Vite, joins our CTO and VP of Engineering in their podcast for frontend and full-stack developers, JavaScript Jam.

Don’t miss the episode, dropping this Thursday, where You will demo Vite’s impressive capabilities including the HMR API, on-demand compilation, zero configuration for numerous pre-processors out of the box, esbuild powered typescript, and more! 

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