Introducing Layer0!

After a year of tireless work, we're out of stealth under the name Layer0

Introducing Layer0

After a year of building and product research, and going live in stealth mode a year ago, we are proud to launch publicly as Layer0!

Although Phil Karlton mentioned naming things as one of the hard things in Computer Science, we’ve managed to nail this one. Why the name Layer0? Amazing point solutions abound from the likes of AWS, Azure, Cloudflare and others, customers kept telling us they needed an orchestrating, observability, and control layer below their serverless and edge compute, web framework, networking, CI/CD, and source control to deliver instant websites and a joyful developer experience. None of the point solutions felt responsibility for coordinating up and down the stack and across the developer workflow. Customers wanted a 'zeroth' layer to deliver on the things they care about most—efficient use of their time and the speed of their websites. Layer0 is just that!

The platform remains the same and your site will not be affected. We’ve collected a list of change-logs in the Migration Guide that include details like:

  1. Automatic URL redirects
  2. Changes to Edge and Permalinks
  3. Upgrading Packages — from xdn/cli to layer0/cli
  4. Changes to Access Logs
  5. Changes to Response Headers
  6. Changes to Cookies
  7. Changes to the REST API

Thank you for your support

Let us know what you think of the new name and logo – we’d love to hear your thoughts! And please reach out to us if you have any questions.

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