How Layer0 Fosters a Culture of High Performance

Layer0 is on a mission to deliver instant loading eCommerce websites. To get there, we seek high performance individuals to drive us forward.

Layer0 is on a mission to deliver instant loading eCommerce websites, so shoppers never have to wait for pages to load again. It’s a lofty goal - we know, but with the right hands behind the scenes it is possible. We are passionate about high performance and high performers. We hire extremely talented people who drive the company, and each of us as individuals, to grow.

Ashlee Sivret, Layer0’s People Operations Manager, explains that developing and retaining a culture of high performance is the overall objective, and that starts with high performers: “We want people that have a lot of ambition, who think big and learn fast.”

Recruiting the best

There are no borders for the Layer0 team. We are a company that spans across three continents, five countries, seven states, and we’re not shy to continue expanding. “We want the best talent in the world no matter where they are,” Ajay Kapur, CEO and co-founder.

We look for individuals who are hungry, smart, and passionate about their work. “Those who set a high bar for their own career and for the impact they want to make in the market and in life will feel at home at Layer0.”

The fastest way to grow is to throw employees into stretch roles and situations where they learn by doing things beyond their comfort levels. When Layer0 was young, that was our only form of training. As we've grown “we ask Moovers whether they’re open to coaching and/or training to improve their skills in their areas of interest,” Sivret states. She continues to explain that at Layer0, we want to fast track individuals down the path they prefer to develop in.

Developing a culture of 10x-ers

While recruitment sets the tone, it’s up to the individual to drive their own personal growth. At Layer0 we believe that “YOU” are at the center of the company and culture. It’s one individual's behavior that can influence and motivate others around them, which in turn, can quickly impact the way teams perform, deliver, and shape the company. Each Moover is at the heart of the company’s success.

We seek out and invest in 10x-ers — those that through excellent judgement, intelligence, openness, and grit, can accomplish ten times what the average person can. Within Layer0, there are a few behaviors that drive our high performance culture. At our core, we focus on the individual Moover.

“We choose growth over comfort, exhibit great judgement, and learn quickly.”

By investing time, setting a high bar for ourselves, and doing things outside our comfort levels, we grow with the company. Think about it: If a tech company doesn’t learn fast enough, it dies. And it can learn only as fast as its employees learn, so we invest in those who exhibit these behaviors, and then we build teams around them.

Renee He, our Director of Professional Services, has demonstrated how personal and professional growth has led to company success. She began as an Engagement Manager and has earned bigger titles while she demonstrates and maintains high standards, gives and takes direct feedback, takes ownership of her work, and communicates effectively with her teams. “It’s been an exciting and rewarding journey to be able to work on different products in different capacities; from initially focusing on the day-to-day project operations, to building out and optimizing processes, to working with individual team members and helping them meet their goals,” stated He.

Regardless of professional titles, our job is to make Layer0 successful. And our company success comes from our customers winning.

“If our customers win, we win.”

More specifically, we win when our customers perceive that we care deeply and that, through both our products and work, we are delivering revenue growth for them. We understand that every action we take has a ripple effect onto our customers, so as 10x-ers, we strive to give our best every single day.

High performing and still smiling

Layer0’s co-founders understand that in order to retain the peak-performers from around the world, they must foster a working environment that breaks the bounds of a typical 9-5 corporate routine. Anand and Kapur are extremely present in the day-to-day, lead by example, and add a great deal of value by diving into the weeds when needed.

“Retention starts with Ajay [Kapur], and the passion he has for the company,” Sivret explains. Kapur is extremely present and makes it a point to develop a relationship with each employee. Especially those who are remote. This is rare to find in other organizations and because of it, Moovers are able to hear the enthusiasm and intent he has for the company — and they stand behind it: “His vision makes people excited.”

Knowing that 10x-ers have the ability to deliver amazing results anywhere, Layer0 offers flexible work schedules and remote working options to promote work-life balance, so a Moover gets the break they need, in order to commit themselves back to doing the best work of their lives. “Ajay encourages people to disconnect, and he practices it while on vacation, as well,” states Sivret.

Layer0 works hard to create and maintain a high performing environment to reach its ambitious company goal: make commerce websites load instantly. We are always searching for quick-thinking, entrepreneurial-minded individuals who crave working for an innovative, tech startup.

Trusted by Venus Fashion, 1-800-Flowers, Shoe Carnival, and many more, Layer0 delivers sub-second enterprise eCommerce websites. If you’re ready to grow faster than almost anywhere else, check out our available positions.

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