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7 Tips for Creating High-Converting Mobile Product Pages

Mobile product pages can make or break if a product is added to the cart. Images, content, and calls-to-action must be optimized for the mobile user, along with the right navigation elements.

Your mobile product pages are probably the least explored quick win opportunity your marketing team could exploit, thus in this article, we’ll cover seven mobile product page recommendations to help your mobile shoppers fill their baskets.

1. Include multiple product images and allow image zoom (when applicable)

Product image engagement is the most popular event on the product page for the large majority of retail sites. 40% of users who visit the product page swipe through product images.

2. Include customer reviews

Reviews provide first-hand information about the product and improve user trust. Include star ratings and written reviews. Across all Layer0 sites, 32% of users who visit the product page read user reviews.

3. Simplify product page and use clear primary call-to-action button

Prominent call-to-action buttons drive engagement. A Layer0 customer has seen a 28% lift in “add to cart” taps after removing unnecessary information and increasing “add to cart” button size.

4. Choose List View or Grid View depending on site-type

Both List View and Grid View have distinct advantages. List view presents more detailed product information and is good for the sites with detailed products and product info. Grid view allows users to view more products and at once and is the standard choice for browse-heavy sites.

5. Use Load More instead of pagination or infinite scrolling

Pagination adds latency with new page load and can be difficult to tap accurately if the page links are small. Infinite scrolling loads automatically but users cannot reach to the footer. "Load more" combines the advantages of the two: loads the products on the same page and allows access to the footer. A “back to top” button is necessary for easier navigation.

6. For sale items, include original price

Including original price can send a message to the shoppers that the item is on sale. Show a crossed out retail price in a light color. Show sales price in bold color and font to draw attention.

7. Clearly indicate when an item is added to the cart

User a cart modal or text to indicate when an item is added. Use a bold color for primary call-to-action button.

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