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Leading eCommerce Progressive Web App Examples: United, Airbnb, Uber, and More

United, Airbnb, Uber, and more lead generating websites adopt PWA & SPA tech to boost customer experience, conversions, search ranking, and ROI from SEM.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and Single Page Applications (SPAs) deliver fast, engaging and reliable experiences that enhance the customer experience. While the leading revenue generating websites have adopted this new breed of sites, it is still difficult to find eCommerce progressive web app examples. Those that have made the switch are benefitting from boosted conversions, search ranking, and ROI from SEM, on a need-to-know basis.  

At Layer0, we believe that this type of information should be shared to advance the industry and facilitate eCommerce innovation. That is why we have developed an open source React progressive web app framework for eCommerce, and why we are launching a monthly blog series dedicated to modern eCommerce website examples.

In this installment, we showcase 10 leaders who’ve adopted PWA/SPA technology to win over mobile shoppers. Read on for eCommerce progressive web app examples in the categories of fashion, beauty, gifts, travel and transportation.

Fashion & Beauty

Feel Unique - PWA

Feelunique, Europe’s largest online beauty retailer, has rebuilt its mobile shopping experience with React PWA technology. With millions of visits every month, Feelunique understands the importance of providing an exceptional customer experience. Feelunique chose to revamp its online experience with Layer0’s open-source React progressive web app framework, React Storefront. Their new eCommerce PWA dramatically speeds up product-searching, browsing, and purchasing flows.

“This is light years beyond what can be accomplished by legacy responsive web methodologies,” said Neil Landon, Feelunique’s CTO.

Lancôme - PWA

The luxury cosmetic brand and one of Forbes most valuable brands of 2019, Lancôme, launched a PWA to help guide their thousands of monthly website visitors through an efficient path-to-purchase. Lancôme saw conversions increase by 17% with the enhanced customer experience and unprecedented speed that PWAs consistently bring.

Nordstrom - PWA 

Nordstrom, an industry leader in apparel and accessories rebuilt their mobile site with a React PWA for their 20 million+ monthly visitors. With an estimated $500M in eCommerce revenue in 2018 and continuous digital growth, this is a fashion retailer example to follow.

Venus - PWA + AMP + SSR

Venus Fashion, a leading womens’ apparel retailer utilizes React Storefront progressive web app framework to deliver its frontend and the Layer0 for its Backend For the Frontend (BFF) infrastructure. Venus went from 15.25% of site pages loading in under a second to a 72.75%, with a median load time of 320 ms. The result: A 24% increase in conversion rate. Try it for yourself on your phone:

Consumer Goods & Gifts

1-800-Flowers - PWA + AMP + SSR

1-800-Flowers, the floral and gourmet foods gift retailer has been delighting visitors with a lightning-fast and smooth PWA for years. Their Layer0-powered eCommerce PWA was featured in the last two Google I/Os, showcasing a 50% conversion rate lift from their sub-second PWA and becoming the first company to have their PWA featured in the Google Play Store. 1-800-Flowers have seen a 30% lift in conversion rate from this PWA on the Play Store over the native app.

Deliver a sub-second eCommerce wesbite

The Moovweb XDN consistently delivers sub-500ms median page loads for large eCommerce websites. These speed gains are known to lead to 15-30% conversion lifts

Schedule a consultative conversation! - PWA offers a wide online selection of high-quality auto parts and has taken the lead in its industry to deliver a hassle-free online shopping experience by adopting PWA technology. Customers previously reported on a lengthy, complex buying experience due to the wide product selection. The eCommerce PWA has enabled the auto parts retailer to provide customers with instant navigation through the product assortment, enhancing the customer experience, and boosting conversions.

Travel & Transportation

Airbnb -PWA

With more than 80 million visitors a month, Airbnb is truly the hospitality industry leader. Based on data from SimilarWeb, the average visitor to Airbnb browses through 14 pages per session, which motivated the hospitality unicorn to invest in optimizing browsing transitions, especially on the mobile web. This was done by adopting modern technology, notably a PWA frontend, to deliver nearly-instant page transitions for shoppers on mobile and desktop.

Carnival Cruise Lines - PWA

Carnival Cruise Lines, one of the world’s largest travel-leisure companies, did not have a mobile-optimized site for customers around the globe, and it costed them bookings. Adopting PWAs became their solution for a quick and reliable booking flow, as well as post-booking engagement through push notifications. Their modern web experience now showcases their leadership, and cruises, across the globe.

Uber - PWA

Uber is a prime example of a leading company built off a native app, who made the switch to PWAs to cater to anyone, regardless of network quality or device. Uber rebuilt their website to offer an app-like experience for the quickest ride requests possible. The super-lightweight, 50kB PWA allows for speedy loading even on 2G networks.

United Airlines - PWA

United Airlines, a leader in the airline industry, utilizes  React progressive web app technology to provide a superior customer experiences on desktop and mobile. With this approach to website speed optimization, United Airlines delivers an instant journey from landing through booking to their 20+ million monthly visitors.

Bottom line

In today’s competitive landscape, shoppers have high expectations from eCommerce websites and retailers that fail to meet them will lose market share to their competitors. For a competitive advantage, follow the example of early adopting industry leaders as they switch from traditional websites to PWAs/SPAs to deliver a nearly-instantaneous experience that drives conversions and SEO wins.

To help you in your journey, we have aggregated a list of examples of modern eCommerce companies using SPA, PWA, React frameworks, and other modern technologies. Feel free to drop us a line with any suggestions for additions to the list, or schedule a consultative conversation to learn how Layer0 can help you deliver instant websites to your customers.

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