Easily Debug API Issues in Production

We’ve enhanced Layer0's Serverless Deep Request Inspection, by adding a “Copy as cURL” button that lets you easily replicate and debug API calls locally using the popular curl utility. Other product updates include a mobile-friendly console, build snapshots, and more cookbook recipes for routing and caching scenarios.


The Challenges of the Modern Web and Getting Ahead

Learn the benefits of Jamstack architecture, modern cloud platforms, and what it takes to make a transition. Join Filip Rakowski (Vue Storefront), Lisa Crenshaw (Fastly), Matt Gould (E2X), Mihaela Mazzenga (MACH Alliance), Ishan Anand (Layer0) for the webinar on June 29th.


Jamstack Philly Presents: Summer of Jamstack

The Jamstack was a revolution. Now modern frameworks and new approaches are evolving the Jamstack. Jeff Escalante (HashiCorp),  Bud Parr (The New Dynamic), Frank Taillander (Jamstatic), Brian Rinaldi ( ), and Ishan Anand (Layer0) discuss what "Jamstack" in a panel at JAMstack Philly on July 1st

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Easily debug API issues in production

Copy as cUrl

Last newsletter we announced Deep Request Inspection for serverless that lets you inspect every HTTP request your site receives and the upstream API requests your code makes. We’ve enhanced the feature by adding a “Copy as cURL” button that lets you easily replicate and debug API calls locally using the popular curl utility.

Get a screenshot of every build

Customers frequently tell us how much our branch preview feature makes them more productive by enabling anyone on the team preview development work currently in-flight on any branch. In addition, they can deploy with confidence knowing it’s easy to rollback to any previous build. We’ve enhanced branch preview with snapshots. After every deploy, Layer0 will take a screenshot of that build’s homepage so it’s easier to preview and find the branch you’re looking for.

Easier site management on the go

We’ve started making the Layer0 console responsive, so it’s easier to use the Layer0 console from mobile devices. This will be a gradual process but we’ve already started updating a number of components including the sign-in flow, main menus and headers, and teams page. 

Recipes for every day and exotic development tasks

If you’re trying to understand the power of EdgeJS, our handy Cookbook guide has a number of helpful examples of common (and not so common) routing and caching scenarios, including cookie handling, cache normalization, serving static files, and handling redirects.

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87% of eCommerce Websites Fail Core Web Vitals

Hear how Guide to Iceland, the largest marketplace for Icelandic travel services, passes Core Web Vitals, and much more including an overview of the June Google algorithm update, implications of the update, and best practices for optimizing your website. eCommerce Panel 2.0

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A Tutorial of Vite by Evan You

Vite with Evan You

Evan You has created  Vite, a build tool that provides a faster and leaner development experience for modern web projects. In this episode of JavaScript Jam, You walks us through Vite's impressive capabilities, including HMR and esbuild pre-bundling for fast cold-start times.  

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