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2017 Cyber Week Mobile Shopping: Insights from Layer0

On Black Friday, mobile conversion rates increased year-over-year by 34% while mobile conversation rates on Cyber Monday increased by 27%.


Year after year (and growing!), shoppers have turned to the interwebs to snag some incredible sales without the hassle of driving, finding a parking space, manoeuvring through crowds, and waiting in lines. Many of those shoppers made their purchases on mobile devices, making the experience even more convenient for the ones with the buying power. Mobile shopping continues to thrive and is quickly closing the gap between revenue of purchases made in stores versus revenue from purchases made on a mobile device.  

We looked at 20 of our customer retail sites across various industries to see just how big an impact the mobile shopping experience had during Cyber Week this year, the 5-day period from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday. Our analysis of approximately 12.5M sessions yielded some intriguing insights into the latest mobile holiday shopping trends.


As mobile traffic increased, more consumers converted from browsers to buyers. On Black Friday, mobile conversion rates increased year-over-year by 34% while mobile conversation rates on Cyber Monday increased by 27%.

Compared to the rest of the year, retailers saw an average of a 72% increase in mobile conversion rates this past shopping weekend compared to the average week in 2017. There was also a 49% increase in the average year-over-year mobile sales. In addition, retailers generated an average of 2.9 times more in sales compared to a standard week, equating to a 190% increase in revenue during Cyber Week.

On Cyber Monday, retailers in our sample saw 21% more sessions from mobile devices compared to last year. Black Friday’s year-over-year mobile session increase of 27% was even more significant.

Not only did the retail sites in our sample see more mobile sessions on both Thursday and Friday, the mobile experiences the retailers provided were also more successful at converting mobile customers, as shown in the year-over-year mobile conversion rate increase for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

So which day saw better mobile conversion rates, Black Friday or Cyber Monday? It’s a toss-up. Most retailers saw higher conversion rates on Cyber Monday, but there was a greater split between which day actually made more revenue.


Overall, the trends we saw aligned with expected shopping behavior, with mobile traffic picking up Thanksgiving evening around** 9 pm PT**, and traffic at a daily high between 8-10 am PT during the Cyber weekend. Unlike desktop shoppers, which had pronounced peak shopping hours on both Thanksgiving and Black Friday, once smartphone shoppers began making purchases in the morning, they continued to shop at a relatively steady pace throughout the day.


Since U.S. iPhone ownership reached an all-time high this year, it’s no surprise that iOS phones accounted for a higher percentage of traffic and revenue to e-commerce sites than Android phones. On average, 55% of users were on iOS devices while 45% of users used an Android mobile device.


Shoppers continued to go mobile this Cyber Week – at a rate even greater than last year. They’re no longer turning to their mobile devices just to comparison shop or find a store. And savvy retailers are taking notice.

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