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Big Cyber Monday for Mobile

Overall, mobile's share of online traffic grew 30.1% over last Cyber Monday to 41.2% of traffic, according to IBM.

Online shoppers once again turned to mobile in a big way this Cyber Monday, driving significant year-over-year mobile growth.

Despite the lackluster kickoff of the holiday shopping season, with lower than expected in-store sales, this Cyber Monday was the biggest online shopping day ever in the U.S.

And mobile played a larger than ever role, with retail giants like Wal-Mart not only seeing the most online orders in a single day on Cyber Monday but reporting 70% of traffic coming from mobile over the holiday weekend.

Overall, mobile's share of online traffic grew 30.1% over last Cyber Monday to 41.2% of traffic, according to IBM. And mobile sales increased 27.6% year-over-year, contributing to 22% of total Cyber Monday online sales.

Year-over-year mobile growth numbers for retailers in our 2014 Mobile Holiday Shopping Report on Cyber Monday were significant, posting a strong finish for the holiday weekend.

Mobile traffic on Cyber Monday grew by less than the overall Thanksgiving holiday weekend, encompassing Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday. Its year-over-year growth was **35.6%** versus **40.4%** for the weekend.  

However, an increase of 16.5% in conversion rate from 2013, coupled with the still significant increase in traffic, ensured that Cyber Monday posted a 56.6% growth in mobile revenue from last year.

The one dip we saw for Cyber Monday was in Average Order Value, which saw a 7.2% decrease year-over-year.

This trend was not limited to Cyber Monday. The holiday weekend showed a 5.9% drop in Average Order Value from last year. And it was not limited to mobile, as overall online sales were also down year-over-year, according to IBM.

The smaller AOV for 2013 compared to 2014 is likely related to online holiday shoppers being more accustomed to shopping around for the best deals and only visiting sites for a specific item. Limited-time or limited-quantity offers are another contributing factor.

Overall, Cyber Monday not only trended higher than last year in terms of growth of mobile traffic, revenue and conversion rate, it also outperformed Thanksgiving and Black Friday in terms of share of mobile sessions and revenue.

Taking Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday as a whole, Cyber Monday contributed to 51.1% of revenue. Meanwhile the revenue share for Thanksgiving was 19.3%, and the share of revenue for Black Friday was 29.6%.

With the added boost from a strong Cyber Monday, the holiday weekend was a solid one for mobile. We took a deeper look into the revenue distribution, with a day-by-day breakdown over the weekend in our Mobile Holiday Shopping Report.

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