COVID-19 Resources for Retailers

As COVID-19 rapidly evolves, eCommerce trends are shifting. Here are up-to-date resources on the impact the coronavirus is having on national and global retail.

Since the State of Emergency was declared on March 13, 2020 due to COVID-19, over 306 million Americans have been impacted by stay-at-home or shelter-in-place mandates. These orders have significantly impacted our lives and daily routines in many ways, such as the ongoing shift to online shopping across industries.

Layer0 has been closely monitoring the impact the coronavirus is having on national and global retail. Here are resources to keep you up-to-date as eCommerce trends continue to shift.

*Last updated on June 17, 2020.

Vertical-specific data

  • ShipBob compiles month-over-month and week-over-week online sales trends, by eCommerce vertical. Verticals include: Baby Products, Nutrition, Food & Beverage, Beauty & Personal Care, Apparel & Accessories, Electronics, Toys & Games, Sports & Fitness, and Jewelry. The data is based on millions of orders placed for 3,000+ eCommerce websites since Jan 31.
    See bi-weekly updates here.
  • Contentsquare analyzes traffic and transactional information, across the following verticals: Supermarket, Media, Retail Tech, Telecom, Bank/ Insurance, Retail Healthcare, Fashion, Sport Equipment, Cosmetics, Home Furnishing DIY, Luxury, Jewelry & Watch, Entertainment, and Tourism. Data is based on 4.8B sessions in 26 countries and covers traffic, page views, time-per-session, transactions, and conversion rates.
    Find data updated weekly here.
  • WITHIN has created a COVID-19 dashboard that shows the changes in eCommerce revenue, ad spend, and conversion rates for various sectors compared to the benchmark period before COVID-19. Data is available for omnichannel retailers, pure-play eCommerce companies, essential retailers, and luxury brands.
    Updates occur every 1-3 days here.
  • ChannelAdvisor shares YoY data of trailing 7-day GMV aggregated across its global customer base. Data from Jan 1 to Mar 17, 2019 is compared against the same dates in 2020 for the following categories: Health & Beauty; Computers, Tablets, & Networking; and Business & Industrial.
    See GMV data.
  • Attentive regularly updates an in-depth content hub for revenue trends by vertical. Trends include month-over-month and daily sales, along with retail items trending up and down for the following categories: Apparel, Auto, Beauty, Electronics, Food & Beverage, Health & Wellness, Home Furnishings, Outdoor Equipment, Pets, Sports Apparel & Equipment, and General.
    View eCommerce trends here.
  • Shiphero provides eCommerce order data from over 1,000 merchants with over $2 billion in annual orders. Total revenue is shared for the last 7 days and is compared against data from 1 and 4 weeks prior in the following categories: Apparel, Baby, Beauty, Crafts & Games, Electronics, Food, Health, Home, Jewelry, Merch, Pet Supplies, Shoes, Sports, Supplements, Travel, and Misc.
    View sales trends for merchants across the globe here.
  • Klaviyo has been tracking changes in eCommerce orders on a bi-monthly basis from 30,000+ businesses since Jan 1, comparing three categories: Essentials, New Essentials, and Non-Essentials. Also provided is YoY online sales trends for the following verticals: Apparel & Accessories, Automotive, Electronics, Food & Beverage, Jewelry, Home & Garden, Hardware & Home Improvement, Health & Beauty, Sporting Goods, Toys & Hobbies, Office Supplies, Specialty, and Mass Merchant.
    See YoY trends updated bi-monthly here.
  • Signifyd provides weekly changes in sales by vertical, since Mar 3. Changes overtime are demonstrated through an interactive chart listing the following categories: Luxury Goods; Beauty & Cosmetics; Auto; Fashion, Apparel & Luggage; Alcohol, Tobacco & Cannabis; Leisure & Outdoor; Electronics; General Merchandise; Home Goods & Decor; Grocery & Household Goods; Commodities & Collectibles; Business Supplies; Consumer Medical Supplies & Supplements. Weekly insights are provided alongside the updated data.
    See weekly eCommerce sales trends here.
  • Yahoo Finance peeled back the curtain on the health of the U.S. consumer amid COVID-19 and found overall retail sales increase by 17.7% in May, 2020. The dataset includes the MoM percentage change from March to April in the categories of Clothing Store, Furniture, Sporting Goods/Hobbies, Electronics, Department Stores, Restaurants/Bars, Gas Stations, Online, and Grocery Stores. Find data from the US Census Bureau here.

International data

  • SimilarWeb evaluates the impact of the coronavirus on the world’s economy in a report by analyzing YoY traffic trends from Dec 2019 to Mar 2020 in the US, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Brazil, Japan, Singapore, and Israel.
    Explore global eCommerce patterns, updated daily here.  
  • Statista reports on the impact of the coronavirus on eCommerce sales in Italy between Feb 17 and Mar 8, 2020 and transaction growth rates in France between February 16 and March 13, 2020.
    Italy data available here.
    France data available here.
  • COVID-19 Commerce Impact utilizes data from over 2,500 retailers from more than 100 countries to illustrate the online sales of pure-play eCommerce as well as brick-and-mortar retailers selling online. The data includes YoY online sales in the last 7 days (rolling), as well as YoY growth trends by region and country since Jan 12, 2020.
    Dive into the global economic impact on online retail here.
  • MoEngage provides worldwide business trends for Southeast Asia, India, Middle East, Europe, and North America. eCommerce insights are included for Online Shopping and Food Delivery Apps.
    Find the Coronavirus Business Impact Report here.
  • McKinsey & Company conducted a global survey between Mar 15 and Apr 19, 2020 to track sentiment across 40 countries within the Americas, APAC, Europe, Africa, and Middle East. The company focused on 12 core countries experiencing significant economic impact from COVID-19. Among many areas surveyed, the company demonstrates expected spending per category (Food & Grocery, Apparel, Household, Entertainment, Services, Travel & Transportation) over the next 2 weeks compared to usual.
    Find global consumer predictions here.

Additional resources

  • Listrak shares analysis of total eCommerce revenue on over 850 US sites. The data ranges approximately a month before the State of Emergency declared (Mar 13) to date, and showcases eCommerce verticals seeing significant successes and losses during this time.
    Find daily updates for total US eCommerce revenue here.
  • BounceX utilizes user data to demonstrate various changes in consumer behavior every 1-2 days since the first week of Mar, 2020. The data covers website visits and revenue, email interactions, email revenue, visits by state, and conversions by state.
    Explore the consumer behavior data here.
  • Retail Dive eCommerce provides in-depth news and analysis into the most impactful trends shaping eCommerce, not to mention how the coronavirus is impacting retailers. Additionally, the publisher regularly tracks which retailers are closing stores or reducing hours across North America, and how employees are impacted by these decisions.
    Stay up to date here.
    Track which retail stores are closing here.
  • ROI Revolution shares insight and the latest updates regarding the coronavirus and eCommerce.
    Daily updates are provided here.  
  • Adobe analyzes key insights from the Digital Economy Index, which measures inflation in various goods bought online from the U.S. and in major global economies. The purchasing power of the online dollar is illustrated from 2014 to 2020 and online price changes are shared for Grocery, Electronics, and Home & Garden. Adobe also offers a full report on their findings, available to download.
    View the 2020 Digital Economy Index here.
  • Common Thread Collective has compiled data from 20 accounts at a ~$50M annual spend rate, and compared data from the baseline period of Mar 1-7 to Mar 8 and beyond. Daily metrics are provided for revenue, spend, return on ad spend, CPM, CPC, and CTR, along with changes compared to the same day during the baseline period.
    Find eCommerce coronavirus data here.
  • eMarketer provides charts forecasting US retailer eCommerce sales until 2024. Projections are provided for total retail sales, along with the retail eCommerce sales of the top-growing eCommerce categories and the 10 top US retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Apple. Find projected forecasts here.
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