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Who are the mobile leaders?

Leading the way was the restaurant industry, with 88% of restaurant sites in the web’s top 100,000 websites offering mobile-friendly experiences.

Naseem Makiya is a Data Engineer at Layer0. He works on market research and financial planning and analysis to better understand the mobile landscape.

Who are the leaders when it comes to delivering to mobile?

We delved deeper into the web's top 100,000 sites delivering mobile-friendly experiences explored in our second State of the Mobile Web post. And what we found is 5 industries were leading the mobile web, with over 3/4 of sites in those industries delivering mobile-friendly experiences.

These 5 industries not only have the highest percentage of sites delivering mobile-friendly experiences, they also are twice as likely to deliver mobile optimized experiences.

Leading the way was the restaurant industry, with 88% of restaurant sites in the web’s top 100,000 websites offering mobile-friendly experiences. This industry has 1.8 times the percentage of mobile sites as the least mobile-friendly industry, government.

The restaurant industry taking the lead makes sense. 95% of smartphone owners use their mobile devices for restaurant searches. And about 87% of mobile users searching restaurants have immediate purchase intent.  

Our study results show the restaurant industry realized the importance of mobile early on and has taken the lead in offering customers what they demand - mobile-friendly experiences.

Next was the travel & hospitality sector, with 85% of sites offering mobile-friendly experiences. Again our findings were in line with the importance of mobile in the sector.

Mobile travel sales more than doubled between 2012 and 2013. And in the first half of 2014, over 40% of Americans booked travel reservations on mobile devices, a 100% increase for the same period last year.

Clearly mobile plays a critical role in the travel and hospitality industry, and the vast majority of the top sites in the sector have responded accordingly.

Coming in closely clustered at spots 3 through 5 in our analysis were media/Entertainment, Transportation and Retail, with 80%, 79% and 78% of sites offering mobile-friendly experiences respectively.

After identifying the 5 leading industries in terms of the highest percentage of mobile-friendly sites, we decided to take a closer look at these 5 "mature industries" and break out the data to see if we could find any trends in what these mobile leaders were doing differently.

What we discovered is that taking a customer-centric approach to mobile early in the game allowed the top 5 industries to surge forward.

These early leaders quickly moved beyond just optimizing for screen size by employing performance enhancing techniques such as fewer, smaller page assets.

As a result, they are now dominating mobile. 42% of sites in the** top 5 mobilized industries** are offering mobile optimized experiences.

This is twice the percentage of sites in industries such as government, energy and manufacturing, that are further behind on the mobile maturity curve. And it shows getting in the game early provided these 5 mobile web leaders with a long-term advantage.

by Naseem Makiya

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