Deploying a Vue Store on BigCommerce

Deliver a sub-second Vue website on BigCommerce with Layer0

Vue, an open-source JavaScript framework, is made for building single-page applications (SPAs). It's popularity has rapidly increased since its launch in 2014. The framework's primary draw is allowing developers to build fast scaling JS applications quickly. The platform is lightweight and offers robust routing solutions for large applications. Furthermore, Vue offers great runtime performance and is fit to be the backbone for complex, revenue-generating websites with heavy traffic. Key benefits include built-in server-side rendering (SSR), tree shaking, bundling and virtual DOM.

BigCommerce is a popular platform for small or enterprise level eCommerce businesses. The commerce cloud offers a variety of free and paid customizable templates for its traditional server-rendered frontend. Key features include 12 free templates, a drag-and-drop page builder, a built-in content management system with SEO features, and image optimization tools along with the ability to tweak CSS and HTML.

There are several BigCommerce APIs that let you manage store data and make client-side queries for product information, which includes REST, Storefront, and GraphQL APIs. For performance, the platform has a few built-in features that help deliver a fast and optimized shopping experience. Akamai Image Manager is included with Stencil themes, which will automatically optimize images for the best combination of quality, size, and file format, saving businesses time and efforts on digital transformations. There are also a few built-in SEO features, such as the ability to create short URLs and AMP support. Additionally, BigCommerce supports SSR via the Next.js Commerce Integration and provides the ability to build a headless frontend based on APIs.

Layer0 lets you deliver a high performing Next.js storefront on BigCommerce in hours. You can get started in minutes on Layer0 and see median speeds of 320ms, as measured by Largest Contentful Paint (LCP). But Layer0 does more than speed up your site, it is a Jamstack platform for eCommerce. The platform was built specifically for large-scale, database-driven websites provides the following benefits: 

  • Jamstack for eCommerce via both pre and just-in-time rendering
  • Zero latency networking via prefetching of data from your product catalog APIs
  • An edge that can be configured natively in your Vue app (CDN-as-JavaScript)
  • Edge rules that can run locally, in pre-production and production environments  
  • Automated, full-stack preview URLs from GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket with every new branch and push
  • Performant split tests at the edge and A/B tests that do not slow down the site, canary deploys, and personalization
  • Serverless JavaScript that is much easier and more reliable than AWS Lambda

Browse around Universal Standard, a Vue store on Layer0 achieving sub-500ms page loads. Your Travel or eCommerce site can do the same.

If you're currently using Vue, use the this guide to deploy your Vue application on Layer0 and get sub-second loads in as little as 1 hour of work. 

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