Developer guides and assets to build the fastest websites possible.

Measuring site speed

Obsessing over first-page load time sabotages ecommerce businesses

A flawed approach to speed measurement is sabotaging eCommerce sites. As web development tech evolves, site speed measurement must as well.

Implementing RUM for React PWAs with Firebase Performance Monitoring

React SPAs have a compelling offering for accurately measuring client-side navigations, which is critical as popular tools cannot do this.

How Google’s Speed Measurement Tools Penalize SPAs

Google's CrUX database doesn’t track the page transitions of SPAs, reporting them slower than they are, which will soon impact their ranking

You're Using the Wrong Site Speed Metrics and Tools

You might be missing out on critical business growth simply due to the use of tools or metrics created to measure speed of legacy websites.

Building fast websites

Ensure sub-second load for your Ecommerce Site

Ensuring a really fast page load can be hard work. We've created a guide for you to ensure that you get an instant page load when using XDN.

Why Your eCommerce PWA Needs a BFF

A backend for frontend (BFF) allows you to share APIs among clients without tweaking them to the specific demands of each client or service.

Preparing Your React App for Chrome’s Native Support for Lazy Loading Images

Progressively enable Chrome's new lazy loading image feature that promises better speeds & make it work with server-side rendering in React.

How to Do SSR for eCommerce

Server-Side Rendering for eCommerce websites is absolutely essential. Learn how to combine SSR with AMP for improved SEO and website speed.

How to take your browsing speed to the next level

Reduce browsing speed and keep users engaged with these five tips. Improving browsing speed will deliver a better experience to your users.

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