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Cache all variants at the edge

The Edge Experiment module is part of EdgeJS and is aware of all your variants, ensuring each is cached separately at the edge.  This gives you control over exactly which visitors see which variant.

Sub-second A/B tests

Most A/B testing tools slow down your website, invalidating the test. On Layer0, new experiences are native, cached and sub-second. This extends beyond A/B tests to any variant of your website.

Route traffic to any live branch, based on any attribute

Every branch of code you create is equal on Layer0, and can receive some or all of the traffic for a given domain. The Layer0 console makes it easy to route traffic via probabilistic split (e.g., 50/50), or based on any header or cookie value (e.g., delivering first-time visitors a different experience).

Upgrade to headless in steps, without a “forklift upgrade”

Upgrade your legacy backend or frontend in small steps that benefit your customers. Easily specify which edge routes will run your new experience, which will go to your legacy frontend, and which backend each should fetch data from.

Compatible with all popular A/B testing tools

Layer0 supports any tools that have APIs that can be consumed server side

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