Layer0 + AWS

AWS advacned technology partner
Layer0 is built using dozens of AWS services, including EC2, Lambda, S3 and Route53. The partnership is a perfect harmony of Layer0's expertise in developer experience, site speed and eCommerce websites, coupled with AWS's focus on reliable, high performance, affordable infrastructure. As a result, this joint offering is the only one with a sub-second guarantee and at costs that are far below the sum total of the disparate third-party tools (including CDNs, server hosting, APM, etc.).

Layer0 makes it simple to deliver sub-second eCommerce websites, and for that to happen, each component needs to be reliable and affordable, which is exactly what AWS delivers.  


For the first time ever, control the edge in JavaScript in your router to ensure high cache hit rates for your page URLs. CDN-as-JavaScript is convenient, expressive, and reliable because it goes through the PR => Review => Test => Release cycle like the rest of your code does.

Serverless JavaScript

The backend for your frontend. A serverless JavaScript tier that handles Server-Side Rendering (SSR) and API calls at runtime.

Branch Preview

Automatic live preview URLs for every feature branch. Teams ship faster when product, design, QA, and developers provide feedback on live preview URLs earlier in the workflow, cutting out wasted work.

Performance Monitor

Monitoring built by developers, for developers Performance Monitor tracks by route, not URL, because that’s how developers think about their app. It also tracks each deploy, so developers can pinpoint any regression.

Edge Experiments

Run experiments that don’t slow down your website. The Edge Experiment module is part of CDN-as-JavaScript and is aware of all your variants, ensuring each is cached separately at the edge.  This gives you control over exactly which visitors see which variant.

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